Your Information.  Your Team.  Your Assessment.

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Step One.

Complete questionnaire

To help us identify your child's needs, fill in our referral form.

Step Two.

A paediatric specialist will contact you

We will assign a keyworker based on the information you have provided. Your keyworker will be your main point of contact, coordinating your assessment process to make it as seamless as possible.

Step Three.

Assessments will be undertaken

Your keyworker will stay in contact with you to coordinate the paediatric assessments required.  These may be in your child's home,  school or a specialist clinic. 

Step Four.

Team review of assessments

Your CONNECT team will work together to formulate a diagnosis and intervention plan that will make your child's world better. 

Step Five.

Connect Paediatric Assessment report

This will be easy to understand.  Your keyworker will discuss this with you to empower you to take the next steps.

Integrated Assessment

(Estimate only)

Based on a full multidisciplinary assessment including:

  • 2 hours paediatric medical review

  • 5 hours of occupational therapy time

  • 2 hours speech language therapy time

  • 1 hour dietitian

  • +/- educational psychology


Please note - not all children will need all of the above

$2000- $2500 or as quoted by your keyworker

Follow up therapy

Available from our providers, or we can refer to another provider.

Please discuss with your therapist

Contact us for further information


phone: 021 250 4211

facebook: @connectpaediatrics