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A pathway forward

A Connect Paediatric specialist guides you through the final assessment report.

We will recommend specific paediatric providers that will offer the best treatment plan from our diagnosis. 

Our providers

We choose to work with only the very best Paediatric providers. Together we will ensure that your child receives the best treatment specific to their individual needs.

Dr Pam Jackson


Dr Pam Jackson is a Consultant Specialist Paediatrician. Dr Jackson has a wide range of expertise over 20 years including infectious, respiratory and allergic disease as well as neonatal medicine and child development.

Jump Start Nutrition


With over 14 years’ experience as New Zealand Registered Dietitian I’ve helped many families, in Dunedin and all over New Zealand, grow and thrive. Guiding them to build up their confidence in choosing the best foods.

A+ Physio


Our Team members come from a great variety of backgrounds, with local and international qualifications and experiences. We can see your child  without delay to assist you to achieving their goals. 

Dilworth Hearing


You’re in professional hands. Established in 1960 by a group of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists, Dilworth Hearing were pioneers of audiology in New Zealand. Our audiology clinics focus on delivering the highest quality of patient care, still underpins how we work today.



A team of specialists work together on an extensive, tailored treatment plan to ensure your vision and eye health is the best it can be. We’re so passionate about your child's eyes we implemented the InfantSEE programme.

Giant Leaps Speech Co.

Speech & Language Pathologist

GIANT LEAPS Speech Therapy provides current evidence-based therapy to their clients of all ages and abilities. We have a team of NZSTA registered therapists dedicated to providing the best practice and highest standard of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for childhood communication difficulties. 

Leith Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists

The team at Leith Occupational Therapy provide assessment and therapy for children with a broad range of occupational challenges, with specialist support in working with gifted and twice-exceptional children and teens. 

Kids Focus Psychology


Dedicated to providing quality and affordable educational and neuropsychology services to all our clients an their whanau. 

Soundskills Auckland

Auditory Processing

SoundSkills provide an audiology service that specialises in auditory processing disorder diagnosis and auditory processing disorder treatment.  We tailor our assessments to meet the individual child’s needs.

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